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Serving more than 1 million meals a year, we accommodate all budgets and schedules by offering value, variety and convenient locations. Between dining centers and other campus eateries, the nutritional delicious choices are endless. Just ask our staff!

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Welcome to the University of Cincinnati Dining Services website. University Dining Services offers many things and options are just one of them! We have healthy choices, choices that taste like home and everything in between to please a wide variety of tastes.

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Healthy for Life
Health and flavor go together. We believe that healthy food can and should taste great. The best way to encourage healthier choices is to make 'good-for-you' food delicious and satisfying. Our talented chefs find new ways to do this every day. We can make a difference, every day. We believe that there are thousands of ways to help build a healthy campus dining experience - ingredient by ingredient, recipe by recipe, meal by meal and location by location. Through big changes or small, we seek ways to help you live a healthier life.
We are committed to making environmentally responsible decisions throughout our operations in order to minimize our footprint while still providing quality food and service. Some of our initiatives include local food, sustainable seafood, and reusable to-go containers. We purchase produce from a purveyor that deals with local farms in the community. All seafood offered at UC is sourced sustainable in conjunction with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program. Our to-go food service at StadiumView Cafe offers a reusable container program, which eliminates approximately 12,500 Styrofoam containers each year.
Student Organization Catering
All student organizations* receive a 50% discount on food orders from Classic Fare Catering. Want to save even more? Pick up your food order instead of having it delivered and save an additional 10%!
*Student organization must be included on the Student Activities and Leadership Development registered groups list to qualify for this discount.